The Pelvic Floor Project

29. Perineal tears with a urogynecologist

November 08, 2021 Melissa Dessaulles from Mommy Berries Season 1 Episode 29
The Pelvic Floor Project
29. Perineal tears with a urogynecologist
Show Notes

In this episode, I sit down with Vancouver urogynecoloist Dr. Roxana Geoffrion to discuss: 

  • OASIS (obstetrical anal sphincter injuries)
  • what the stats tell us about perineal tearing
  • risk factors for perineal tearing
  • how are perineal tears commonly managed in hospital and on discharge
  • how to be proactive going into and during birth
  • what follow up can new moms expect
  • what signs and symptoms new moms should watch for at home
  • ways to improve management of grade 3/4 perineal tears
  • Be Pelvic Health Aware campaign

Dr. Roxana Geoffrion is an associate professor at the University of British Columbia and has been practicing urogynecology at the Centre for Pelvic Floor at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver for the past 12 years. Dr. Geoffrion completed her medical degree at McGill University and her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Ottawa.  She then pursued subspecialty fellowship training in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Calgary. 

 Dr. Geoffrion’s research interests include patient education and knowledge translation in the area of pelvic floor health and prevention of disease. She was recently awarded a grant from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, to build a website and initiate a social media campaign about the female pelvic floor. Since many pelvic floor issues start in pregnancy, the initial focus of the campaign was on disseminating evidence-based information on pregnancy and childbirth, and how these two life events impact pelvic health. With a group of colleagues, Dr. Geoffrion produced whiteboard animation videos in simple language, to describe various pelvic floor issues and preventative options. These can be viewed online, along with many other useful resources, at  The campaign is on Instagram and Facebook.  Here is how you can find Dr Geoffrion.



Twitter @Dr_R_Geoffrion. 

Whiteboard animation video created by Be Pelvic Health Aware to explain OASIS

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