The Pelvic Floor Project

12. Postpartum recovery with elite marathon runner Malindi Elmore

May 31, 2021 Season 1 Episode 12
The Pelvic Floor Project
12. Postpartum recovery with elite marathon runner Malindi Elmore
Show Notes

In this episode, Malindi and I discuss:

  • The difficulties she had finding postpartum guidance after her first birth in 2017
  • The symptoms she struggled with after her first was born
  • What she learned and how she applied this to her 2nd postpartum recovery
  • How she has built up to marathon and qualifying for the 2021 Olympics as a mom of 2.
  • Her advice for new moms who want to return to high level activity

Malindi Elmore is an 8 time Canadian Champion in track and field, cross country running and road racing.  After a long career representing Canada at the Olympic Games, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games and World Championships in the 1500m race, Malindi retired from competitive sport to pursue other career and family goals.  After her first son was born in 2014, Malindi re-invented herself as a triathlete, and competed professionally for 3 years in long course triathlon, which included multiple podium performances and a sub 9 hour ironman.  She retired again from sport when she was pregnant with her 2nd son, however, within a few months of his birth she decided to try a marathon.  The marathon was so much fun that she was hooked on running again, and in only her second ever marathon, set a Canadian Marathon Record of 2:24 which qualified her for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which will be held later this summer. At 41 years old, Malindi juggles a busy life as an athlete, coach and mom to two boys who are now 2 and 6 years old.  

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