The Pelvic Floor Project

3. Pelvic pain during pregnancy

March 29, 2021 Melissa Dessaulles from Mommy Berries Season 1 Episode 3
The Pelvic Floor Project
3. Pelvic pain during pregnancy
Show Notes

This episode is for all you pregnant moms who are experiencing low back pain, pelvic pain and SI joint pain. 
If you search google for answers, you will find terms like:

  • Pubic symphysis dysfunction
  • SI joint instability
  • Pelvic floor laxity

The problem with these terms is that they sound scary and make it expecting moms feel nervous to exercise or even move. 
My guest this episode is Anna Marie Gierach, a perinatal chiropractor at Alta Vie in Kelowna BC.

Our goal for this episode is to help you:

  • better understand why it is common for pregnant and postpartum women to have these aches and pains
  • take away the fear
  • create a plan that works for you

Anna Marie Gierach is a Kelowna mamma and kiddo chiropractor with a focus in pre-conception, pregnancy, post-natal and pediatric care of infants and young kiddos. Clinically, she blends her intuitive capacity to connect with people, chiropractic techniques, soft tissue therapies, and movement-based rehab to help families through these life transitions and stages.

Here are some of my pregnancy support belts and bands:

Mom-Ez support belt for pregnancy (I recommend this for moms feeling SI joint pain, pubic symphysis pain)
Angel Care support band ( I recommend this one when pain isn’t as much the issue, but you have the feeling of needing support for your heavy belly)

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